V2Techs is looking for further funding and partners to create a joint venture (SpinG), with the main goal of producing and applying the patented technology as electricity utility provider for micro grids, electric vehicles and ships.

We believe that this goal will be best achieved in the following industry sectors:

  • electric maritime transportation
  • small power supply plants (400 MW)
  • electric vehicles permanent charging systems

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micro grids

Future cities and industrial developments will require new power distribution solutions, which are closer to the end user and less dependent on power grids.

Our technology can integrate the power stations into buildings, towns and cities, which will generate electricity at a lower cost.

We've created an alternative source of rotation for the power generators, by combining the working principles of a cordless power drill, a ventilator and a remote controller. Our team has developed a new brushless motor concept that incorporates all these applications eRemora.

Our goal is to introduce on the market this new technology, self powered and remote controlled, that can replace other sources of rotation as prime movers used  by the electric power generators. 


V2Techs is a team of experienced professionals that have collaborated on different research projects over the past 20 years. 

VV has over 20 years experience in patenting new technologies in South Africa, USA, UK and Netherlands. During his work at Iowa State University Research Park, USA, he successfully launched one startup and two joint ventures into the fields of biotechnology (Biova) and electromagnetics (EMTech), based on his patents.  For his work he received two research grants from Iowa Economic Development Authority.

FS has over 20 years engineering experience working for a global company in Atlanta, USA.

SV is an experienced naval architect and he runs our design studio in Riga, Latvia.

RP is an university professor and a successful businessman in Miami, USA.