V2Techs technology was assessed by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA in 2019, and the results have been published on EPRI Tech Portal as:

  • Naval Transportation  
  • Generator / Microturbine  


Electric ferries and electric inland water transport vessels are currently limited by the size of their storage batteries system and the location of the charging stations.

With eRemora technology, the transportation capability will improve, offering unlimited mileage, greater numbers passengers and better cargo safety.

Legend - see left:

​1. 7MW Generator & eRemora

​2. Control center

​3. Main drive power supply

​4. Domestic supply

5. Distribution to aft engine

​6. Distribution to fwd engine


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) enforced a new sulphur fuel cap from January 2020, which will push the maritime transportation industry to adopt new technologies, with one of the options available being electric vessels. 

One of the major obstacles in achieving a sound electric solution, is the charging stations. V2Techs technology eRemora can overcome this problem as it equips ships with mini electric power plants and reduces the battery volume by 80% - a conversion to fully electric drive ships.

A fully electric maritime transportation solution can reduce the transport cost of one container from $1000 to $200.

Legend - see right:

1. 7MW Generators & eRemora

​2. Domestic power supply

​3. Control station

​4. Drive motor

5. Gear box and drive shaft