Since the very beginning of the car manufacturing industry, the car was a product that served as a selling platform for other products, mainly the fossil fuels supplied by petrol companies. In due process, the car manufacturers have been forced to deal with the aftermath sell of the fossil fuels, mostly the carbon prints.

The current trend for EV use will not change the actual industry profile – the car product will still be used as a selling platform for other products, mainly the electricity supplied by power plants companies.

What about if we can change this? What if we can implement a technology that will supply the EV with unlimited access to kWh, produced by the car manufacturer for on board and as you go use? And, beyond that, once at home, the car can be plugged into an energy storage for the household use as energy utility. The car manufacturer will become an electricity utility provider.

If we can do that, we will transform the EV industry, into an energy / power supply industry.

V2Techs proposes a new solution where our technology can be installed on small power generators, as showing on the right on a MeccAlte 3 kW, and can continuously charge the car batteries.

V2Techs' technology will be available as a household utility, where the consumer will be charged by the kW/h used. The charge of the car batteries will be at a fraction of the current kW/h cost since no power grid is involved in the delivery of the electricity.

This technology will allow the driver to activate the generator and pay for electricity while driving, by using Near Field Communication payment system, via a mobile phone or prepaid NFC cards, as showing on the left.

The device is equipped with a battery management system PCB and only will charge the account holder for kWh consumption. Once the car is stopped, the generator can still be active for other electricity needs: camping, household, and emergency uses.

Further details of future applications will be discussed with the electric cars, ATV and multipurpose drones.